Cathedrals In My Heart : Charles/Erik fanmix

1. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall // Coldplay

2. Pigeon // Maps & Atlases

3. All of Us // Blindside

4. This Conversation is Over // Acceptance

5. For Reasons Unknown // The Killers

6. The Background // Third Eye Blind

7. Our War // Neon Trees

8. In Your Eyes // Peter Gabriel

9. No One’s Gonna Love You // Band of Horses

10. Saw Something // Dave Gahan

11. Precious // Depeche Mode

12. Outsiders // Franz Ferdinand

13. A Strange Education // The Cinematics

14. Split Me Wide Open // The Bravery

15. Bulldozer // Cold War Kids

Download (.zip)

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    Every time one of these songs comes up n my iPod I smile because we had great times and that was one of the best years...
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    i had really intense feelings a about x-men: first class and, as a result, this fanmix. i don’t get that invested in...
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    Just posting my ~wonderful~ fanmix again, in case anyone missed it. ;)
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    Amazing fanmix, liisten to iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!
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